League Rules


  1. During the League’s infancy, there will be no restriction on guest players. At some future date it is hoped clubs will develop a senior base and be able to field teams of their own licence holders only.
  2. Players will be registered at the weigh in, it is not necessary to list players on the entry form.
  3. No more than 10 players can be registered with a club on the day.
  4. Prior to the team being called to the mat the team manager must hand a sealed envelope with the team list to control. It is not necessary to keep the same team throughout the competition, but players may only fight one weight group above their registered one.
  5. The starting order of the contests will be decided by the team captain who wins the the toss of a coin (i.e. not necessarily lightest weight first).
  6. A team cannot compete if there are less than 3 players – in the event of any injury and a team of 3 having to pull out their matches will be null and void.
  7. All contests will be fought to the win. Golden score rules will be used.
  8. Three points will be awarded to the winning team; one point each in the event of a tie.
  9. In the event of teams being level and a medal or relegation place being at stake, one weight category will be drawn from a hat and that contest will decide the team placement in the league. The players who originally fought must re fight and no substitutions will be allowed. If a player is injured the match will be awarded to the opposing team.
  10. Judo clubs must register as their affiliated club name please (regardless of how many guests).
  11. Where possible it is desirable to wear blue/white judogi although this is not compulsory but all the team must wear the same colour suit.

Please note: The rules – like the proposed league – are in their infancy and when operated in real terms, amendments may be required. Team Managers are requested to bear this in mind throughout the day. Hopefully together we can create a senior annual league system and revitalise team judo in the UK.